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Broken Into Beautiful Podcast With Stephanie Cooper

Broken Into Beautiful With Stephanie Cooper

Mar 10, 2021

In this episode, we invite Keeli Brown to share with us her journey through fitness, bodybuilding, motherhood, and so much more! Driven by a strong passion to help other new moms snap their bodies back into shape, Keeli has helped countless women shed that baby weight and achieve the body that they feel beautiful and confident in! Stephanie and Keeli also chat about the struggles of post-pregnancy, motherhood, bodybuilding, relationships, and more. So tune in as she shares her path to discovering her true purpose, and how she found the courage and confidence to pursue it all! 



  • Keeli’s journey into fitness and bodybuilding. 
  • How Keeli snapped back from her pregnancy. 
  • Finding your sources of motivation. 
  • Celebrating the big and small wins. 
  • What do you define success as? 



“Never let the things you want make you forget what you have.”

“I feel like we overcomplicate things and then we say, “well, I can't do anything,” and it's not like that. That's not life.”



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