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Broken Into Beautiful Podcast With Stephanie Cooper

Broken Into Beautiful With Stephanie Cooper

Dec 23, 2020

In this episode of Her Broken Into Beautiful, Kirstie Marquez, a single mother, business owner, and aesthetics instructor will be sharing her story of how she turned a new chapter in her life after leaving a toxic marriage. Kirstie fell madly in love and got married at 23, but things went awry as soon as the papers were signed. Find out how she dealt with cheating, her decision behind leaving the marriage, and what advice she has for women going through a similar situation as her.



  • Dealing with infidelity in a toxic relationship.
  • Struggling with your own religion: Is it okay to question your faith? 
  • Why it is so important to have a strong support system. 
  • Leaving a marriage behind; what happens after? 
  • Being a single mother. 



“Sometimes we let things take us so far down that we don't even know how to pull ourselves out.”

“You're never too old or too far gone to reinvent yourself.”



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